Ja'asir Khan

Legate of the Khan Legion


Legate Ja’asir Khan is an imposing figure, standing about 6’5", and weighing around two hundred pounds of pure muscle. Normally dressed in the traditional garb of the Legion, he will occasionally wear no armor, save for a pair of padded leggings to play upon his natural quickness. Upon his chest is the tattoo of the Khan Legion, and he always carries a falcata with an inscription that is not meant for him. He has an aura of strength about him, and commands a kind of respect that is rarely seen from many. It’s no wonder that many believe that he will be given one of the Emperor’s daughters as a second wife.

Of direct Aritikan descent, Ja’asir Khan has the traditional black hair, brown-black eyes, and swarthy olive skin common to his people. His nose is slightly pointed and straight, rather than aquiline, indicating that his lineage may not be entirely purely Aritikan. Whether this is true or not, it is almost never addressed – at least so far as anyone has seen publicly.

As the leader of the Khan Legion, he is often seen with a standard bearing the symbol of the legion, as seen below.



Ja’asir Khan was born in the City, in the Patrician district to the Imperial Emissary To Valinos. His father, Abdistakir Khan, despised the Valinosians, and would often remark about the impurity of their blood and the number of Half-Elves that lived in Valinos. A staunch supporter of the Aritikan right to rule, Ja’asir’s father instilled in his son a sense of entitlement, that all other races pale in comparison to Humanity, and that all other nations falter in glory before the Holy Empire. It was no surprise that Ja’asir Khan entered the Legions, serving in the Zakaria Legion, underneath Legate A’abid Zakaria. He became close friends with the Legate’s son, Waleed Zakaria (the father of Haidar Vattergard), and the two were tasked with bringing to heel the convicts and conscripts that were pushed into the legion.

As Waleed Zakaria and Ja’asir Khan were both incredible leaders of men, the two Centurions turned their regiments into impressive and powerful military units. To this day, it is considered a strange point of honor to be elected to serve in the Scarlet Regiments, as they are known. The regiment that Waleed Zakaria led is known as the Scarlet Diamond Regiment; while the regiment that Ja’asir Khan trained is known as the Scarlet Opal Regiment. The training regime created by the two military officers was intense, and taught their men to be able to wield just about any weapon they could pick up – including improvised weapons. As Waleed Zakaria was a powerful martial artist, many of the Scarlet Diamond Regiment are also incredibly accomplished martial artists.

Since Legion leadership (and the political power that comes with being the Legate of one) is passed down from father to son, Waleed Zakaria was set to advance to Legate upon his father’s retirement. Shortly before his father retired, Waleed was killed in a hunting accident while on the Ebony Plains, north of Velidos. As Ja’asir Khan was the best friend of Waleed Zakaria, the Legion was passed to Ja’asir, and it was renamed the Khan Legion. Shortly after Waleed’s death, Ja’asir Khan married his friend’s widow, Atiyya. Shortly after, Waleed’s son fled from the Empire. No one was certain exactly why a patrician’s son would leave the Empire, but it was only a minor scandal. As soon as Atiyya became pregnant with Ja’asir’s first child, the scandal was forgotten and people stopped talking about the new family.

Khan and his Legion are the current “favored sons” of the Emperor. They are tasked with traveling around the edge of the super-continent of Visari to patrol for incursions of others. Khan makes his home in Velidos with his wife, two sons and daughter when he is not patrolling with his legion. He is also currently traveling with the Inquisitor Judal Naseeba, seeking out infidels and heretics. Like all other legions, the Khan Legion is ten-thousand strong. Unlike other legions, Khan’s legion does not have a primary base of operations currently. It is assumed by many in power that the Emperor will gift Ja’asir Khan with a fortress garrison of his own in a prestigious location, such as Velidos, or in the southern reaches to guard the shores against Valinosian incursion.

Occasionally Khan is recalled to The City to help the Imperial Senate decide on a piece of legislature too low for the Emperor to be bothered. Each return to The City increases Ja’asir’s political power, as he gains supporters and allies throughout the halls of the elite.

Ja'asir Khan

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