Prestige Classes

The following Prestige Classes are allowed in the Drifting Sands campaign setting, with alterations listed if necessary. They are broken up into Combat, Divine, Specialist, and Arcane, with Combat being Prestige Classes that accentuate close- or ranged-combat; Divine being focused around Divine spellcasting or Paladin abilities; Specialist focusing on specific aspects of a class feature (such as a Rogue’s abilities, or Bardic Music/Knowledge); and Arcane, which focuses on Arcane spellcasting and spellcasting classes.

Allowed Combat Prestige Classes

  • Arcane Archer – Add requirement: Race: Elf or Half-Elf; and requirement: Character may be given special dispensation to learn from an Elf, if a non-Elven PC.
  • Assassin – Change Alignment requirement to read: Any evil, or Chaotic Neutral.
  • Brother of the Seal – Add requirement: Region: Ki-Taliq; Special: Must be able to speak Taliqi.
  • Celestial Knight – Change requirement of Deity to read: Must be a worshiper of a good god or religious sect.
  • Champion of the Enlightened – Change Diety requirement to read: Must follow the philosophical ideals of Araeism.
  • Chevalier – Change Alignment requirement to read: Any non-evil.
  • Coastal Pirate
  • Deep Sea Pirate
  • Duelist
  • Golden Legionnaire – Change Special requirement to read: Must be given an invitation as the Emperor’s personal guard; add requirement: Region: Aritika; add requirement: Race: Human
  • Grand Marshall – Add requirement: Region: Valinos or Rhikari
  • Hellknight Commander – While there is no organization called the “hellknights,” this is very similar to some of the warrior orders in the Aritikan military.
  • Justiciar – Remove Special requirement. Add requirement: Religion: Orthodox Se’hari

Allowed Specialist Prestige Classes

Allowed Divine Prestige Classes

Allowed Arcane Prestige Classes

Prestige Classes

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