Race Rules

Allowed Races

The races allowed and not allowed in the game are as follows:

  • Common (70% of the world’s population): Human; Elf; Dwarf; Halfling; Half-Orc; Half-Elf; Fetchling; Aasimar; Tiefling; Ifrit; Oread; Orc; Goblin
  • Uncommon (20% of the world’s population): Sylph; Dhampir; Elan; Maenad; Xeph; Half-Ogre; Grippli; Tengu; Vanara
  • Rare (8% of the world’s population): Kitsune; Changeling; Strix; Samsaran; Nagaji; Merfolk; Suli; Vishkanya; Wayang; Duergar; Gathlain
  • Very Rare (2% of the world’s population): Skinwalker; Android; Ghoran; Syrinx; Lashunta; Ratkin; Svartalfar
  • Disallowed: Gnome; Svirfneblin; Drow; Lizardfolk; Triaxian; Centaur; Trox; Drider; Gargoyle; Kuru; Ophidian; Dromite; Blue; Half-Giant; Saurian; Abirai

Despite some races being disallowed, this does not mean that the race does not exist in Thirajin or the Drifting Sands campaign setting, save for Gnomes, Svirfneblin, Lizardfolk, Triaxians, and Saurians, which all died out in the First Age; and Drow and Driders, who never existed at all.

Racial House Rules

  • Remove the prerequisite Race: Gnome from the following feats: Babble-Peddler; Bewildering Koan; Blood Ties; Caustic Slur; Expanded Resistance; Great Hatred; Vast Hatred
  • Change the following feat prerequisites from Race: Gnome to Race: Fetchling: Effortless Trickery, Threatening Illusion; Casual Illusionist.
  • Change the prerequisite Race: Drow to Race: Elf; Race: Svartalfar; Race: Fetchling: Dark Adept

Race Rules

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