Lanith Fetcher

Sorcerer; Priest of Oranei; Grandfather's Official Fetchling


Lanith (real name: Sarendai, which means Owner of Long Life,
             with the implication of it being majestic)
Level 5 Male Sikari/Fetchling Sorcerer
Shadow Bloodline. Tattooed Sorcerer/False Priest Archetypes.
Str 9, Dex 18, Con 15.
Int 17, Wis 8, Cha 23 (21+2).

Initiative +6. BAB +2.
37 HP.
AC 15 (Flat 11, Touch 14). CMD 15.
Fort +3, Reflex +5, Will +3.
Cold Resist 5, Electricity Resist 5, Fire Resist 10 (ring).

Skills: (5 extra for Favored Class)
Bluff 10 (1+3+6=10)
Craft (Tattoo) 10 (2+3+3+2=9)
Knowledge (Arcana) 13 (5+3+3+2=13),
Knowledge (Planes) 14 (5+3+3+1+2=14)
Knowledge (Religion) 9 (1+3+3+2=9)
Perform (Oratory) 12 (1+3+6+2=12)
Spellcraft 13 (5+3+3+2=12)
Stealth 20/21 or 23/24 (5 ranks, 3 class, 4 dex, 3 familiar, 2 competence,
               3/4 circumstance = 20/21, plus 3 Enhancement from Shadow Mask=23/24)
Use Magic Device 14 Arcane/18 Divine (5+3+6 (+2+2)=14 Arcane/18 Divine).

Languages: Aklo, Aritikan, Draconic, Elven, Taliqi.

Spells Per Day: Lvl1: 6+2=8. Lvl2: 4+2=6. Lvl3: 1 Spell-Like/day.
Level 0: (Plus Create Water, plus 3 for Favored Class Human): Create Water, Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Ghost Sound (DC 18), Light, Mage Hand, Message, Penumbra, Prestidigitation, Read Magic.
Level 1: (Plus 2 for FCH): Animate Tattoo, Blend, Enlarge Person, Grease (DC 17+1=18), Silent Image (DC 19), Vanish.
Level 2: Aid (B), Glitterdust (DC 18), Minor Image (DC 20).
Level 3: Remove Disease (B) (+1 CL)

1: False Focus. (From Archetype)
1: Mage’s Tattoo (Illusion). Ghost Sound 3/day. (From Archetype)
1: Effortless Trickery.
3: Craft Wondrous Item.
5: Spell Focus (Illusion).

Important Class Features:
1: Shadow Bloodline Arcana: A shadow bloodline sorcerer can make a Stealth check with a penalty of -5 to cast any spell in the illusion school without being detected. If the sorcerer is using Stealth at the time he remains hidden. If the sorcerer is in plain sight he is still visible but the spellcasting is not noticed.
1: False Piety (Ex). Add half your level to UMD checks for divine wands/staves/scrolls.
1: Familiar Tattoo (Su). Gain a familiar that can adopt tattoo form as a move action.
3: Bloodline Tattoos (Ex). New tattoo appears for each bloodline spell. Adds +1 CL to them.
3: Lay Healer (Su). Add Aid to list of known spells as a 2nd-level spell, instead of the usual bloodline spell. +1 CL.
3: Shadow Mask (Sp). 1 minute per level, gives +3 Enhancement Bonus to Stealth.
5: Lay Healer (Su). Add Remove Disease to list of known spells as a 3rd-level spell, instead of the usual bloodline spell. +1 CL.

Traits: Reactionary (+2 Initiative), Spiritual Forester (KNO:Planes in-class, +1 KNO:Planes, +1 KNO:Nature), Two-World Magic (grants Create Water).
Story: Nemesis: Judal Naseeba


Lanith, as he’s known now, was born in a little village in the Shadow Plane. Named Zuunmod, the logging village was on the eastern shore of the Sable Lake, surrounded by a forest of Pearl Oaks. Zuunmod was part of the kingdom controlled by the great Umbral Dragon known only as Grandfather, and the people of Zuunmod processed the lumber of the Pearl Oaks for him. Lanith’s mother ran the village’s inn, which never got a great deal of business, but made enough money to keep going. Lanith’s father was the village’s official Forester, which often put him at odds with the other villagers who wanted to cut more trees than safe for the forest that they might fill their own purses, as well as Balbayar, the village magistrate. This, along with Balbayar’s disdain for the Sikari, helped ensure that Lanith’s formative years were spent being bullied more than a small amount.

Lanith first met Shornor in the forest, when Shornor knocked unconscious Lanith’s father, but Lanith did not fall unconscious and threatened to beat Shornor with a stout branch. Shornor explained that she was just hungry and wasn’t going to harm them. Over a long span of time, and many bribes of food later, Shornor and Lanith became close friends.

After awakening to his power when confronted by a dangerous piasma, it was decided that Lanith would no longer be trained to be the village’s next Forester, but that there were greater things Grandfather had planned for him. And thus it was that Lanith was apprenticed under Sarangerel, Magistrate Balbayar’s wife. Unlike her husband, Sarangerel held little disdain for the “lowly” Sikari and was in fact quite kind to Lanith. Sarangerel is the person who first tattooed both Shornor and Lanith, allowing Shornor to slip into Lanith’s skin as a tattoo.

Things continued relatively peacefully, with Lanith and Shornor learning from Sarangerel, until Zuunmod came under siege. The villagers roused to fight a pack of Shadow Mastiffs that were threatening the townsfolk, and focused their attention toward that end. Unfortunately this was only a feint, while the true threat, several silent and deadly Shadows approached from the rear, taking the unsuspecting villagers by surprise and slaying most of their strongest warriors. It was only when the primary threats were extinguished that the Chelicera revealed itself, dangling some poor sod in its jaws. A fearsome magical battle ensured between Sarangerel and the murderous, magically talented aberration.

It was during the battle between Sarangerel and the Chelicera, while trying to help, that Lanith was severely injured and nearly killed. It was also then that Oranei first appeared to him in a dreamstate. She offered him the chance to live – though why the trickster goddess chose him is anyone’s guess – and, etching her symbol into each of Lanith’s arms, she took him as her own. When Lanith awoke, the village lay dead, save for himself and (barely) Sarangerel. Sarangerel explained that she had managed to drive off the Chelicera, barely, but could not manage to slay it.

Gathering what supplies he could from the wreckage of the village, he and Sarangerel made their way to Darkhan, Grandfather’s capital city. There they got a room, and began to tell Grandfather’s officials of what had happened. The questioning was long and exhaustive, and in the end Grandfather himself summoned the master and the apprentice. For their exemplary service, the pair were rewarded. Lanith was given the enormous honor of a tattoo scribed by Grandfather himself, etched into Lanith’s flesh with Grandfather’s very own claws. Sarangerel was given one of the greatest of honors: a splinter of one of Grandfather’s claws, which would be made into a tattoo needle by a master artisan. Additionally, Lanith would become Grandfather’s official Fetchling, a very high honor. Sarangerel was given the lofty post of Master of Apprentices, to oversee all apprentices and their masters for the whole of the kingdom, ensuring they are taught well in service to Grandfather.

The position of Fetchling is something like a cross between a messenger and a gofer. Lanith would move between planes or – rarely – kingdoms on the Shadow Plane and carry Grandfather’s words to others. But most of his job was to acquire things Grandfather desired: pieces of art, especially mithril, were a favorite, but Grandfather had Lanith acquire all sorts of different things. It was on a mission to acquire a new load of Umbrite from the Duergar of the Umbral Passages that resulted in Lanith winding up on the Prime Material. A horde of orcs attacked the Duergar mines unexpectedly; the Duergar, being Duergar, left Lanith to his fate. Lanith, being keen on not being murdered horribly, ran for it. In the winding light-less tunnels, by the time Lanith finally stopped running from the threat of the orcs, he was hopelessly lost and wound up wandering for ages. Worse, in the confusion, Lanith’s bracelets connecting him to Grandfather were broken, so he couldn’t call for help or plane shift.

When he finally reached the surface again, Lanith found stars in the sky, evidently having wandered into the Prime Material. Finding a city, Lanith got a room at an inn and then started looking for a temple of Oranei to see what could be done about getting him back home. Much to Lanith’s surprise, there was no temple of Oranei. And so, taking it upon himself to spread the word of She Who Questions Everything, Lanith quickly wound up captured by the Inquisition, after having preached in a number of villages throughout Aritika. Nobody is quite sure what was said during the Inquiry, but it seems Lanith managed to recruit his Inquisitor, Faris, into converting to worship of Oranei, and Faris helped Lanith to escape.

Since then, Lanith has been on a guerilla campaign of proselytizing to the people, encouraging them to question Se’haran beliefs. In his sermons – which admittedly tend to be short affairs – Lanith (in various disguises, of course) asks people why they were given intellect if not to question, and what sort of righteous god is so afraid of people asking questions, or how a society can grow when its people dare not challenge the status-quo. All the religious pogrom has accomplished are untold numbers of the dead, both of native peoples as well as Aritikans, claims Lanith in his sermons. After preaching a bit the guards tend to show up, whereupon Lanith disappears, and vanishes into the crowds. He will then quite often join up with a caravan who, discovering his ability to keep the people entertained and more importantly his ability to produce vast quantities of fresh drinking water, and make his way to a new city, where he’ll perform another sermon.

It is only quite recently that Lanith has started learning of the consequences of some of his preaching: Inquisitor Faris being executed as a blaspheming heretical traitor, and the burning of the village of Colketi at the hands of Inquisitor Judal Naseeba, who seems to have taken a particular interest in the Cult of Oranei. Or maybe just a particular priest.

Lanith Fetcher

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