Judal Naseeba

The first and only female Inquisitor in the Emperor's service (Lawful Evil)


Judal Naseeba is a fairly imposing figure. She’s taller than many Aritikan women, standing at around 5’10". She keeps her dark hair cut short and styled similar to a male. She’s clearly athletic and has a defined musculature, almost in defiance of her obvious femininity which shows particularly strong with her almond-shaped, kohl-lined eyes. She dresses in the Inquisitorial robes of office, black stitched markers on red fabric that makes up her tunic, belted around her waist with a lower skirt that falls near her feet, both garments made from aranea silk. Beneath, she wears a suit of scale mail that has been made from Cthonic steel. She carries two weapons — a mace with a head made from cold iron, and a spear worn on her back with a head made from the strange alchemical substance of glassteel. Over her robes, she wears a large iron chain, upon which is her badge of office as an Inquisitor of the Holy Empire of Aritika. There are several other badges sewn into the spidersilk fabric of her robes, showing that she has been given the Order of Meritorious Service; is considered to be an honorary First Centurion in the Khan Legion; that she is considered a member of Ghazi Seikada; and that she is a ranking member of the Order of Al-Beddiq.


Knowing any information listed here requires a DC 10 Knowledge (Local) check or a DC 15 Knowledge (Nobility) check.

Rumor has it that Judal Naseeba is the bastard daughter of Emperor Basha XII, considering her station in the Inquisition. This is often pushed aside for the fact that her early life — while not very well known — has been written down in the Aritikan Book of Names, the scrolls that contain the names of all Inquisitors as well as the names of their parents. She comes from fairly ignoble origins, with her parents having been peasants who lived in the slum district of Bridgetown on The City’s Salt Highway bridge that spanned the entire half-mile width of the Al-Qeddi River. Her father was a thief who was caught and killed, and her mother was rumored to have resorted to prostitution.

The Empire often uses Judal in their propaganda about being able to succeed in life through piety. The story goes that Judal saw the awful lives of her parents and did everything in her power to push away from that kind of excess and impropriety. She joined the Orthodoxy as lay clergy (women are not allowed to become priests in Se’harist Orthodoxy), and through her zeal and fervor for Se’hari, she attracted the attention of the Inquisition. While she was restricted from joining, she was given a chance to prove herself as pious enough to be a companion to a traveling Inquisitor (now Grand Inquisitor Fahd Abdallah of the Order of Al-Beddiq). Some residents of a small village along the northern reaches of the Al-Qeddi River had been accused of heresy, practicing non-Orthodox Se’harism — they had been teaching the ways of the Wayward Brotherhood.

Judal traveled there and posed as a commoner girl, hiding all trappings of her position as a lay cleric and acting in a bawdy fashion with one of the accused men. When the two were alone, she asked him several questions that proved his guilt, then killed him with a shard of glass that resulted from a window broken in the fight that ensued afterwards. She explained to the other villagers that he had attempted to take advantage of her and she was defending her honor as a woman. To her surprise, no one seemed particularly fazed by the accusation. She did further research and found that all of the villagers supported one form of heresy or another. Some were members of the Wayward Brotherhood; most disturbingly, many were converts of the pagan goddess Oranei.

After a week in the village, Judal she barred the doors to the homes of the heretical villagers with heavy stones and furniture scrounged up while they slept one evening. She ensured that there were various traps, caltrops and the like spread beneath windows that could be a form of egress and set fire to the village. The village’s name was Colketi.

When Inquisitor Fahd Abdallah and his retinue found Judal, she was standing in the center of the village as the heretics died within their burning homes. Accounts state that she had been resting on her knees, her face tilted toward the sky and her arms outstretched as if waiting for an embrace. Following that evening, she was inducted into the Inquisition upon the recitation of her report of heretical activity. She joined the Order of Al-Beddiq to further pursue heresy.

She is commonly heavy-handed in her tactics, and is often dreaded when she visits locations. Though shown the correct amount of deference by many Aritikan civilians, she is feared by peasants and clergy alike, who struggle to maintain true Orthodoxy when she is attending their services and observing their home lives. Judal has risen quickly, partially through her part in rooting out heresy, and also partially for her role in the final extraction of the Elves from the mainland to the peninsular reservation that makes up their assigned lands. She would put cold iron chains on any elf she found outside of the Reservation who did not have a Writ of Passage — the document allowing that elf to live within human cities. As such, she is particularly reviled by many Elves; certain Elven insurgent groups track her movements.

She participated in a skirmish with the Khan Legion against the Valinosian expeditionary forces that had attempted to make a beach-head in southern Visari in 1820, and was awarded First Centurion status for her actions in the battle, and was given the Order of Meritorious Service medal by the Emperor for taking the Valinosian captain hostage.

Judal Naseeba is a dangerous and calculating woman who will do everything in her power to remain in good standing within her Order and within the Empire itself. Rumor has it that she’s traveling with the Khan Legion once more, working closely with Ja’asir Khan to eradicate enemies of the Empire. Many believe that she will become the Grand Inquisitor of the Order of Al-Beddiq when Fahd Abdallah dies. And everyone knows that she has the Emperor’s ear.

Judal Naseeba

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