History of Thirajin

Water and Storm

Thirajin. The name is almost as ancient as the planet itself. It is said that the Aulderi, known to humans as the Elves, were told the name of the planet by the gods themselves. It is a name that means, in the Elven language, “Living Waters.” As the world itself is primarily given to the sea, this is not entirely off the mark.

Five continents and one massive continent make up the entirety of the planet’s landmass. Much of this land is clustered together. By modern understanding, all of this land was once pressed together into a single tight super-continent which has slowly broken apart; the explanations of this vary, depending on who is asked.

In Thirajin’s distant past, the Elves lived alongside the shorter-lived races, such as the Orcs, Humans, Dwarves, and Halflings in peace. They were united under one banner of common good toward service to the gods and watching over the planet. This was the mythic era, the era that is commonly known by scholars as Pre-Shattering.

The story of how the world broke is recited by scholars and poets; it is told in the stodgy universities of the Holy Empire of Aritika as well as in plays put on in the tawdry theatres and burlesques of Rhikari. It is an ancient story, how the Elves sought power too far beyond their capabilities and shattered the world.

The Great Storm resulted from the research and application of forbidden knowledge by several Elven witch and sorcerer covens. A great weapon was produced by these covens, working together in secret away from the massive government body that managed the incredible bureaucracy of handling and protecting billions of souls – Elven, Dwarven, Human, Halfing, and Orcish alike. This great weapon was meant to be used as a final, decisive blow in the war against the outsiders that constantly threatened to enter into the world of mortals. Angels, Azata, Archons, Devils, Demons, and Daemons all sought to enter into the mortal realm, to live among the temporal races as gods and goddesses, kings and queens. The Great Storm would put a final latch on the door between the myriad worlds.

These mythic, Pre-Shattering covens found their information from the distant gods, the Elder Things that are worshiped by the Aboleths, Shoggoths, and the race of Argorth. Before the Shattering, none of these races existed on Thirajin, locked as they were in their endless void.

The Great Storm shut off the world from the gods and their wayward and restless servants, but it opened a portal into the Void. Ancient monstrosities collided into the planet; Aboleths took root in the warm and briny depths of Thirajin’s seas; Shoggoths found their way to the abandoned places of the world; the Argorths, both their terrifying original forms and the bizarre cinder scourges that came with them, moved among the men and women of all cities.

The Void Priests came with them. These were normal beings that had somehow been elevated by the corruptive powers of the Void, who sought to rule over all in observance of their unnameable and hideous gods. It is said that for a century, the world was ruled by these beings. An ancient race known as the Nemeri – industrious and intelligent, tall as halflings and prone toward ingenuity – were eradicated at this time.

Humans and Orcs were the most populous of all races, being the shortest-lived. A combined coven of Human and Orc sorcerers and wizards found a way to dissipate the Storm. The methods used are unknown in the modern era; but it is clear that this is when the time of the Elves had ended, and the time of Humanity had begun.

History of Thirajin

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