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The wiki contains all of the information about various house rules, as well as setting information for the planet of Thirajin and its cultures, struggles, and the various groups that the players may encounter — along with specialized weapons and prestige classes for this world.


IC Information

  • The World of Thirajin – Information about Thirajin as a whole.
  • Nations – The nations within Thirajin.
  • Magic – Information on how magic is perceived.
  • Technology – Information about the technological discoveries of the nations of Thirajin.
  • Gods – Information on the deities of Thirajin.
  • Races – The different races that make up Thirajin.
  • The Planes – Information about the extraplanar places.
  • Lexicon – Phrases and a note about language.
  • Vices – Various things that people seek which are generally considered contraband.

OOC Information

Main Page

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