Other Rules

The following are house rules for the Drifting Sands campaign setting:


  • Touch Attacks: Touch armor class is increased by any spell or item that uses or has the [Force] descriptor in its name. (For example, Shield and Mage Armor, as well as a Ring of Force Shield would be included in this description.) A Wall of Force will assist in defending against touch attacks, but only if the defender is being attacked through the wall. This does not include touch attacks by magical abilities, spells, or items specifically designed to affect someone with a touch attack (such as wands), as these are magical and will bypass the shield. The touch AC of the defender is increased by the bonus listed in the spell or item’s description. This does not extend to items or spells that provide a deflection bonus, but do not utilize [Force] in their descriptor .
    • Anything that increases the dexterity of a character automatically improves the touch AC, as per usual.
    • A character with at least 5 ranks of acrobatics may make an attempt to avoid an attack of opportunity in all situations except when being targeted by magical or ranged touch attacks to dodge.
    • The Dodge feat – as well as any other dodge bonus – provides a bonus to defend against touch AC in all situations except when being targeted by a magical touch attack. This does extend to ranged weapon touch attacks (such as from an advanced firearm). This includes the Nimble class feature of the Gunslinger Core Class, as well as the Offensive Defense and Center of Combat Rogue talents.
  • Attacks of Opportunity: Attacks of Opportunity affect Charges, except in regards to the defender of the charge. For instance, if an ogre charged past the reach of two other characters in its goal to attack a third character, the two characters not being attacked would receive Attacks of Opportunity. The person being charged would not, as they are the intended target of an immediate attack.
    • Any weapon that provides a bonus to a Combat Maneuver (such as using Trip while wielding a heavy flail) does not provoke an Attack of Opportunity, as this is one of the design features of the weapon in question.
    • A character with Improved Two-Weapon Fighting may make an Attack of Opportunity with her main-hand and off-hand weapon in the same round without Combat Expertise. If the character in question does have Combat Reflexes as well as Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, she may only make one off-hand Attack of Opportunity in a round.
    • If a character has Greater Two-Weapon Fighting, the above applies, only he may make two off-hand attacks of opportunity in one round, assuming he has Combat Reflexes.
    • A character attempting to make an Attack of Opportunity against a creature with a smaller size than her takes a -2 penalty to hit per size category. For example, an Ogre (large) attempts an Attack of Opportunity against a Halfling (small). Because the Ogre is two size categories larger than the Halfling, he takes a -4 penalty to hit her.
    • Unless the character is invisible or otherwise unknown to a defender, a Rogue cannot use her Sneak Attack damage in an Attack of Opportunity.
  • Feinting: Attempting to Feint by using the Bluff skill is a Swift action, not a Standard action.
  • Active Dodging: A character with at least 4 ranks in Acrobatics may attempt, as a Swift action, to roll Acrobatics to give herself a Dodge bonus to AC. The Dodge bonus is equal to her 1/4 of her total character level (minimum 1). This is a DC 20 check.
  • Extreme Damage: If a character takes more than his Constitution score in Hit Point damage in one round, he must roll a Fortitude save (DC is equal to the damage taken) or be Staggered.

Technology and Magic

  • Conflict: While not entirely contradictory, technology represents the rational mind over the arcane or spiritual being. Technology is not destroyed, nor does it have problems functioning in the presence of magic; however, spellcasting classes will find it difficult to use very advanced technology (such as an airship). This does not affect characters whose purview is technology, such as the Alchemist class. As a general rule of thumb, apply a -2 penalty to any purely Arcane or Divine spellcasters attempting to use advanced technological devices.


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