The Planes

Alaekorish Mandala of the Planes

Mystics, scholars, wizards, and priests have all theorized the nature of the Planes. They act as a source of aggravation to the explanations offered by some religions, such as Se’hari. If a place like the Elysian Fields exists, then where do these places come into play in regards to faith? Often, peasants and uneducated people will be clueless about the Planes, and will generally not be aware of their existence, save for the Shadow Plane.

The Planes as scholars know them are as follows.

Below is more information on the more important Planes in existence.

  • The Shadow Plane – An oft-maligned section of space and time that is considered hellish, and yet sometimes regarded as a boon.
  • The Elysian Fields – Considered to be the home of the gods of the Divine Pantheon, the Elysian Fields are where worshipers of the old gods hope to go after death.
  • Arena – The Plane of constant battle, and the reward that awaits valorous Stormravens.
  • The Astral Plane – An ethereal place inhabited by spirits and stranger entities; the place often touched by the bizarre psions of Alaekor.
  • The Blissful Oasis of Avenor – The heavenly realm of Istikar; home of the mysterious Azata, servants of the True God.
  • The Primacy of the Primal Wilderness – An ancient echo of Thirajin, the pulse and heartbeat of the planet.

The Planes

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