The hot water world of Thirajin


Class: Terrestrial
Mass: 273,375,350 sq. mi.
Atmosphere: 75% Nitrogen, 20% Oxygen, 2.5% water vapor, 1% Argon, 1% Carbon Dioxide, 0.5% trace gases
Climate: Arid
Gravity: 1.0112 g
Primary Terrain: Ocean, Desert, Savannah, Jungle, Deciduous Forest, Rainforest, Mountains, Plains
Secondary Terrain: Tundra, Arboreal Forest, Mountains, Plains
Surface Water: 80%
Distance from Star: 1AU
Orbital Period: 367.33 days
Satellites: 1, Kotara
Atmospheric Pressure: 101.350kPa


Population: 2,683,550,900 (estimated)
Races: 83% Human, 6% Halfling, 4% Orc, 3% Elf, 3% other, 1% Dwarf
Major Powers: 10 major nation-states
Major Alignment: None; material plane
Plane: Prime Material
Magic: High Normal
Religions: 4 major religions

  • History of Thirajin – A summary of the history of the planet, along with more detailed accounts of various ages.
  • Celestial Bodies – The other celestial objects in Thirajin’s solar system.
  • Calendar – How the calendar works in Thirajin.
  • Physical Topography – A description of the physical aspects of Thirajin from east to west, north to south.
  • Nations of Thirajin – Various nation-states in the world.

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